A Letter from the Owner:

The specialists in helping you create life’s most memorable events.

Happenings Party Rentals is a Collingwood-based special event supplier serving the Georgian Triangle. Unlike other event rental suppliers, our customers will only experience the highest standards of the event rental industry. We satisfy the most attentive detail in our merchandise, customer service and devotion to impress.

Our customers can be confident they will only receive product that is functional and clean to the highest degree. It is current and always growing. We assemble beautiful tents, sturdy stages and sleek dance floors that sharpen outdoor wedding and reception atmospheres. Our massive barbeques, propane ovens and sinks bring caterers’ kitchens anywhere. Projectors and sound systems can professionalize audio/visual presentations for that big meeting with the Board. And with the staples of any formal, our tables, chairs, decorative linens and silverware, you don’t have to worry about doing the dishes.

Our employees are imbued with vast knowledge and experience, compiled from over 20 years experience, and can be trusted to walk you through various options in planning and executing your event layout. We’ll come to the event location and measure the best fit. We’ll draw up a diagram for your event and adjust it to your design. We ensure you haven’t neglected anything in your plans for the big day. We deliver, set up, tear down and pick up according to your schedule.

Most importantly though, we want to continue to grow with our customer’s needs. For that we need your feedback. We’ve created and continued to manage Facebook and Twitter pages regularly, so you can reach us through your preferred avenue. Let us know what you think of our updates. Do you have any suggestions of how we can serve you better? What do you want to see more of? Less of? We’re always listening.

We’re proud of what we have come to as your special event supplier, we have superlative quality in our products, service and ability to adapt. We want the community to recognize that. We want you to see that we take the extra leap to leave you with a lasting, positive impression.

That being said, you are formally invited to come and see what we’re up to, whether on Facebook, Twitter, blog, email, in person or over the phone.

Come and see how we create life’s most memorable events.


Kind Regards,
Happenings Party Rentals
Mike Carleton - President