Tent Rentals

Rent party tents at Happenings Party Rentals in Collingwood ON

There is something about the aura of a tent that just puts people in a festive kind of mood. We have tents for any happening, whether it is a backyard barbeque with friends, corporate event, or a wedding for 300 of your closest friends and family.

All pricing is based on a grass installation. If the tent is being installed on asphalt, a gravel driveway or hard surface, a surcharge may apply. We provide free on site consultations and inspections. Our service representative can be reached 24 hours a day. We are fully insured.

Frame Tents

Frame Tents are popular because they provide an unobstructed space. Because frame tents do not have centre poles, they have a nice, clean look. Instead, they have an internal aluminum frame structure which the top is secured to. If you’re planning an event in a smaller backyard or in a space with just enough room for the size of tent, then a frame tent is just the tent you need.

Pole Tents

Known for their dramatic peaks and shape, the pole tent is a majestic and impressive visual. Not just pretty to look at, these tents are often referred to as tension tents because they perform well in strong winds. Pole tents have centre poles and side poles and are staked at a minimum of five around the parameter of the tent, making them very secure and durable. All our tents are solid white unless noted in our catalog.

Things to think about...


For those bigger parties that require power for tent lighting, catering and cooking requirements, D.J. or band needs, and any special effects, we strongly recommend that an electrician be consulted to guarantee that all of your power requirements will be met. We cannot stress enough the importance of dealing with this issue in advance of the function!


The Town of the Blue Mountains requires permits to erect tents above a certain size. A fire inspection is required once the tent is installed, and fire extinguishers and exit signs must be placed in specific locations. Happenings Party Rentals will provide the equipment required by the fire department and will secure the permit. These costs will be assessed and billed to the client.

The Town of Collingwood only requires permits if the tent is being used for a function that is open to the public. Happenings Party Rentals will arrange and pay for all permits and then these charges will be passed on to the client.

Space Required:

We require an extra five feet around the perimeter of the tent for staking. For example, if you require a 30" X 60" tent, you will require a space that measures 40" X 70."

Underground Services:

Prior to the commencement of installation, the customer shall clearly identify, on the ground, the location of all underground pipes, wires, or other utility equipment on the lands. In the event that the services are not marked correctly and there is damage to the underground utilities and/or Happening’s party rental staff and equipment, the customer shall be responsible for all damages.

Minimum Space Requirements:

  • Guest Seating:
  • Head Table:
  • Theater Seating:
  • Dance Floor:
  • Buffet Table (8ft.):
  • Bar Area:
  • Disc Jockey:
  • 10 sqft/person
  • 20 sqft/person
  • 6 sqft/person
  • 3 sqft/person
  • 100 sqft
  • 100 sqft
  • 50 sqft