The Happenings Difference

About Happenings Party Rentals

It can be hard to recognize the difference between our products and services versus what other rental companies offer. We don’t always hold the lowest price for (apparently) similar items, but if you’re price shopping, you may be comparing apples to tennis rackets. Sure, you could use an apple to play tennis, but if your event is as important as, say, a tennis tournament, then you’re more than likely better off playing with the quality racket. To drive the point home, take a look at what Happenings Party Rentals can offer you:

Always pristine tents - We clean our tent tops with our Teeco 1800 tent washer, and we repair and maintain all our tops in house. You can be sure that your tent will be clean and sharp. We also continuously reinvest into our inventory to ensure that our tent tops are always up to date and in Grade A condition.

CRA Ontario - Image and innovation award for party and special event store - 2011 was an interesting year. We capped a lot of events, from Kincardine to Parry Sound, Chalets to Cottages and it was all spectacular.

Free quotes and on-site inspections - Not sure how big a tent you need? We’ll drop in, measure your ground, and have that answer for you well before the event date.

PartyCAD drawings of your event layout - Getting the layout right the first time is important. We spend the time in advance crafting 3D representations of your event so you can plan ahead.

Walls and set up included in tent fee - Check the fine print, some companies will charge extra for walls and won’t even put them up for you.

Damage Waiver - Sometimes glasses are broken, plates are chipped and silverware is lost. The damage waiver has you covered.

Great Selection - If you’re looking for more than the basics to match your event, we’ve got options for you to consider.

Custom Tents and set-up - On a deck or over a tree? We’ll do our best to make it work.

Delivery and Installation - by your schedule (additional fees may apply).

Permits - Depending on your location and size of tent, you may need a tent permit. We’ll handle the preparation so you avoid breaking any bylaws.

Power, Heating and Cooling - Is your event on a hot summer day? A snowy winter night? Far away from an electrical plug in? We’ve got heaters, porta-cools and generators to settle your concerns.

Website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Blog - Constant connection with your customers and community can provide some really valuable feedback to keep business running well. We regularly monitor our social feedback to serve you better, so please find the links at the top of our website and visit our pages. We appreciate all ideas and queries.